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What Happens During Trauma Scene Cleanup?

Irma Stewart

When trauma occurs, the trauma scene cleanup experts are sent out to begin cleaning the area of blood, fecal matter, urine, and other biohazard waste. The cleanup process occurs after police and the crime scene unit have arrived on the scene, taken photos, and gathered any evidence, especially when there is reason to believe that the trauma was caused by another person. Once the investigators are finished with the scene, the cleanup process can begin.

The Cleaners Wear Protective Gear

When cleaning a trauma scene, it is not the same as cleaning the home on a regular day. The cleaners may encounter different bodily fluids that are dangerous to touch with their bare hands. Before they get started, they must wear protective gear, including:

  • Protective overall suit
  • Gloves
  • Respiration mask
  • Safety goggles

The purpose of wearing this type of equipment is to prevent any of the waste from getting on the cleaner's hands, face, and body.

Soiled Items Are Thrown in a Sealed Container

Some items at the scene of the trauma may be covered in biohazard waste and would need to be carefully thrown out. Instead of tossing these items in the trash, the cleaners place them into large waste containers that will be sealed shut and taken to a facility where they can be properly disposed of.

The Cleaning Process Begins

After they have tossed soiled items into the proper container, the cleaning process begins. Assorted chemicals and treatments are used to remove stains, wipe down walls, and get rid of any bodily fluids that may be splattered throughout the property. The cleaning is completed with traditional cleaning tools, including a mop, sponge, and scrub bush. Strong and effective cleansers help the professionals with getting rid of the mess around them. The property is cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized. The trauma scene cleaners must use products that can get rid of any lingering odors. Cleaning a property can take several hours. The length of time it will take does depend on how bad the trauma scene is upon arrival.

Trauma scene cleaners have an important role that involves taking care of areas inside a property that may be covered in blood, fecal matter, and other biohazard waste. It is not safe for others to go back inside the building until the cleanup process is complete. Once a trauma situation occurs and is investigated, the cleaners come will come out to the location with their supplies to quickly get started. If some kind of crime or trauma happened on your property and you need help with the cleaning, contact a local company like Crime Scene Cleaners.


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