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Call A Soft Washing Service To Clean Algae From Your Shingle Roof Or Wood Deck

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If your roof, siding, driveway, fence, or patio have ugly algae growth or stains, your property may start to look neglected and rundown. Cleaning these parts of your property can be very labor-intensive if you don't have the right equipment. Calling in a pressure washing service is a good idea, but you might be concerned about the high-pressure water gouging wood or leaving streaks. If high pressure worries you, then talk to the contractor about soft washing the more delicate building materials around your home like asphalt shingles or wood decking. This is the difference between soft washing and pressure washing. 

Pressure Washing Blasts Away Stains

The magic of pressure washing is the power behind the water. When water is aimed at a surface with force, the powerful stream can blast off stains, dirt, algae, and oxidation. A pressure washer has different settings, and the higher settings should only be used on materials such as concrete that can tolerate the pressure without being damaged. The high setting on a power washer can knock out windows, gouge wood doors, and knock down an unsteady fence.

A professional has the experience to know when power washing is dangerous, when it can be used, and whether to use low or high pressure. This knowledge is essential since commercial pressure washers are even stronger than the DIY models you can buy for home use.

Soft Washing Relies On Cleaning Solutions

Soft washing is a more gentle way of cleaning, and it's just as effective. Instead of relying on a strong stream of water to knock off dirt and algae, the contractor uses cleaning products that work to break up the stain. The cleaning products do most of the work rather than the water stream. Water is still needed for rinsing the area, but high pressure isn't used. Instead, the lowest setting is used so that the wood or roofing won't be damaged.

Since this process uses cleaning products, you may need to take precautions with plants in your yard, so the runoff doesn't damage them. Some cleaners can be strong, which is necessary when lifting dark stains off of shingle roofing with granules too delicate to spray with a strong stream of water.

A soft washing service can clean your wood fence, a wood deck, the roof, and siding. The company may provide both pressure washing and soft washing, so the right cleaning method is chosen for the job. Soft washing can make old, stained areas of your property look nearly new again without the risk of damage.


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