The Comfort of Clean

The Comfort of Clean

A House Cleaning Service Keeps Your Home Clean And Sanitary When You Have Physical Limitations

Irma Stewart

It's always nice when someone else cleans your house and you come home to a tidy space that smells fresh. However, that probably doesn't happen very often unless you use a house cleaning service. Professional house cleaning is handy when you have a busy lifestyle, but it can be essential when you have limited mobility and you don't want to rely on family to keep your home clean. Here are some cleaning tasks you may want a house cleaning service to do for you when it's hard to do them yourself.

Clean The Bathtub And Shower

Bathtubs and showers are difficult to keep clean and shiny, especially if you have hard water. Even a single bath can leave behind a ring that dries and is hard to remove, and the soap scum, body oil, and scale build with every bath you take. Cleaning a tub is hard since you have to bend over, stretch, and scrub hard. You don't want an ugly tub, so hiring a house cleaner to clean and shine the tub on each visit is a big help.

Clean The Oven And Refrigerator

Fortunately, appliances don't need to be cleaned inside very often, but when they do, it's often a difficult job. You have to stretch and contort your body to clean inside an oven, and a refrigerator may require moving around a lot of food, and you have to work fast so the food isn't out of the chilled air too long. Your cleaning service won't need to clean the inside of your appliances on each visit, but adding appliances to your cleaning rotation ensures they stay clean and sanitary for your use.

Clean Areas That Require Climbing

Climbing on a step ladder could be dangerous if you have problems with balance or mobility. Yet, the upper areas of your rooms accumulate dust and need to be cleaned, too. Places like the top of your refrigerator, cabinet tops, ceiling fans, and HVAC registers are dust magnets and need to be cleaned on a regular schedule.

Clean Places That Require Floor Work

If you have arthritis or back pain, getting down on the floor can be challenging since it's often difficult to get back up. However, cleaning places like behind the toilet or along the baseboards often requires you to get on your hands and knees so you can clean thoroughly. Your cleaning service can handle areas of your home that require bending, getting on your hands and knees, or twisting your body.

When you start using a house cleaning service, be sure you let them know how you need help and the things you want to do for yourself. Cleaning your home is good exercise and you may want to do as much work yourself as possible and just get help with things you are physically unable to do due to your limitations.


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