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3 Ways To Keep Your Pets From Making A Mess After Carpet Cleaning Service

Irma Stewart

When you hire a carpet cleaning company to service your home, you may expect the carpet to look flawless once they are finished. Although you may know that the carpet will eventually get dirty enough again to the point that you need to rely on professional help for cleaning, you may want to make an effort to keep this from happening too soon. If you know that your pets are one of the main causes of wear and tear on your carpeting, you should try a few methods to help.

Food and Water

On occasion, you may notice your pets' making a mess around their food and water bowls. This can happen when they are playing around and happen to bump into the bowls or even when they are extra excited while trying to eat or drink water. Moving these bowls to an area with hard flooring is worth doing after you get carpet cleaning to help with minimizing wear and tear.

If you are determined to keep the bowls in the same area, you should ask a carpet cleaning service about their suggestions for keeping the space clean. They may be able to provide you with several ideas such as putting down a plastic floor mat to catch any messes that happen.


Getting extra help from carpet cleaners is something that you can do to keep your pets from causing damage. This is when you will want to get protectant service after the carpet has been cleaned because it will reduce the chance for pet messes to turn into actual stains. If you do not want to get this add-on for the entire house, you can just focus on the areas where your pets make messes most often such as the front door, back door, and near their food and water bowls.

To gain a little more protection, you can target the high foot traffic areas because you may also know that your pets like to follow your family while they walk around the house.


If you normally let your pets come inside after being outside without inspecting them, you may want to start changing your routine. A carpet cleaning company may suggest putting down a mat or rug by the entry doors to minimize the chance that the carpet gets dirty in the first place. They can also help you pick out entry mats that are designed to pick up dirt and grime before entering.

When you want to protect your carpeting, especially after getting it cleaned, you should utilize these ideas and get help from cleaning professionals with their knowledge and services.


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