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4 Things To Keep New Carpeting Looking New

Irma Stewart

New carpet is a big investment to make, so once it's done, you want the carpet to remain in perfect condition for as long as possible. How do you protect your new carpet from needing to be replaced prematurely? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you protect the condition of your new carpet for years to come.

Understand the Guarantee/Warranty

Before you do anything to your new carpet, it's imperative that you read and understand the manufacturer's guarantee or warranty that is offered. Sometimes, there are restrictions on the type of products that can be used to clean and treat the carpet.

Schedule Yearly Professional Cleanings

Once you understand what products can be used on the carpet without voiding the protection, you can begin working with a professional carpet cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet. You can request that certain products not be used; this way, your warranty is protected and your carpets are getting the cleaning that they need to maintain their look and remain odorless.

Vacuum Often                                                                         

A good rule of thumb is to run the vacuum in the entire room at least once each week — more often if you have pets. You see, as dust and dirt is pressed down into the carpet from foot traffic, it works its way deep into the fibers. Eventually, that dirt begins to wear out the fibers and the carpet loses its soft feel and can become discolored and flat.

When you vacuum, go in different directions. If you vacuum in the same pattern, in the same direction each time, you'll miss quite a bit of dirt and dust that's trapped within.

Use Runner Rugs

In areas that are heavily trafficked, lay down some runner rugs. These rugs will protect the carpet from not only becoming discolored, but it will protect the fibers from being beaten up too badly.

Try to find runner rugs that can be washed in your washing machine. There are some new options available today that have two layers: one waterproof underlayment and a thin rug that goes over it. When the rug gets dirty, you just toss it in the wash and dry it on low.

Talk with your local carpet cleaning professionals to set up appointments to keep your carpets looking and smelling as fresh as they did the day they were first installed in your home. The small investments you'll make caring for the carpet will prevent the huge expense of premature replacement.


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