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The Comfort of Clean

5 Home Cleaning Tips to Utilize This Year

Irma Stewart

Most people enjoy living in a clean home. When it comes to cleaning your home though, there are probably lots of little cleaning mistakes that you may be making. Here are a few easy to avoid cleaning mistakes that you may be making, and what you can do instead.

Clean the Touch Points

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is focusing too much on cleaning the big things, like wiping off the counters and vacuuming the floor. Most people skip over the touch points in the home. Touch points are the area that you have to touch and interact with every day, such as door handles and faucets. It is a smart idea to take a disinfectant wipe and use it to wipe off the touch points on your home every day. These are areas that can really spread germs.

Don't Use the Same Rag Throughout Your Home

You should not use the same rag to clean your entire home. You should use a different cleaning rag for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and personal areas of your home. You should also swap out any rag you use regularly, such as the kitchen cleaning rag, on a daily basis. Even if the rag doesn't look dirty, it can be hiding dirt and bacteria, so swap out your rags on a regular basis.

Use a Microfiber Cloth for Dusting

When it comes to dusting, ditch the traditional feather duster. A feather duster just spreads dust all around your home. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to dust with. A microfiber cloth will pick up the dirt in your home and not drop it down on the next surface that you dust. If you want to get rid of dust and not just move it around, you need to use a microfiber cloth for dusting.

Allow Cleaners to Work

If you want your cleaners to work effectively, you need to give them some time to work. It is best to spray the cleaner, and then give it a few minutes to work. Most cleaners work more effectively if you allow the cleaner to soak for a few minutes before cleaning things up.

Don't Use Sponges for Too Long

The sponges in your house can really hold onto bacteria, which is why you need to clean your sponges. You should soak them in hot water, and then zap them in the microwave to kill the bacteria inside of the sponges. You can also put your sponges in the dishwasher or the washing machine to keep them clean. Keep a regular supply of sponges on hand and clean them every few days to make sure you are not spreading germs when you are trying to clean things up.

When it comes to cleaning your home, try to remember some of the cleaning tips detailed above. You don't want to get things dirtier when you are trying to clean things up.

For more information or help with cleaning, contact a home cleaning service.


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