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How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean & Organized

Irma Stewart

Your bathroom is the one place in your home that you want to keep extra clean because it is where you go to get clean yourself. In order to keep your bathroom clean, it helps to have an organized bathroom. Here are some tips that will help you both clean and organize your bathroom.

Clear Off Your Counters

The first thing you need to do is clear off your counters. Your countertop in your bathroom shouldn't have random beauty products all over the place. Look at each item and determine if you need it or if you can toss it. If you need it, see if there is another space in your bathroom that you can put the items. If not, get some containers that you can put your beauty products in. That way, you can easily move your products on and off the counter when you need to clean.

Once you declutter your counter, wipe it off with a little disinfectant and a dishcloth. You should wipe off your bathroom counter on a daily basis just like you do your kitchen counter.

Go Through Your Drawers

The second thing you need to do is go through your drawers.  Just like you did with your countertop, determine what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Then, take the remaining items, and sort them in a logical manner for your drawers. Keep things you access on a regular basis in the top drawers, and items you don't use as often in the bottom drawers.

Before you put everything back though, wipe out the drawers so that they are clean. This is a cleaning task that you should only have to occasionally do.

Organize Your Towels

Next, it is time to go through the shelves or areas where you keep your towels. Take everything out and wipe down the shelving or drawers. Then, organize the towels by types of towels, such as hand towels, wash clothes, etc.

Fold your towels in a way that they will all fit in the appropriate storage area. Get rid of old towels you don't need anymore and turn them into cleaning rags.

Scrub Down the Tub

Fourth, it is time to clean the tub. Just like with the rest of your space, reduce the beauty products you keep in the tub so that you only keep the items you really need in the tub and shower area. If you have multiple people who use the same shower area, get everyone their own portable tote to reduce the items in the shower. Scrub the floors and walls down. Once they are well-cleaned, you will only have to gently wipe everything off.

Simplify Cleaning the Toilet

Simplify cleaning the toilet. Deep clean the toilet bowl, and then once the toilet bowl is really clean, put a self-cleaner in the toilet tank that will help keep the toilet bowl clean. Wipe down the outside of the porcelain with a damp towel.

It will be easier to keep your bathroom clean if you keep everything nice and organized. An organized bathroom will be simpler to wipe off and keep clean.

Contact a house cleaning services company for help cleaning your bathroom.


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