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Important Aspects Of A Stone Floor Maintenance Course

Irma Stewart

If you have been looking for ways to expand your cleaning business and to offer more services, then stone floor maintenance may be a good choice for you. And, while it may seem easy to simply transition to cleaning stone floors, you do need the skills to do so properly. This is where stone floor maintenance training comes in. When looking for a school that offers this kind of maintenance, you want to look for a few things that they have to offer. 

Floor Identification

When it comes to maintaining stone flooring, you will need to first identify the type of floor first. Otherwise, you may use a cleaning product that causes damage. For example, certain types of flooring will become etched when exposed to acidic chemicals. So, something like a vinegar cleaner could easily eat through a marble or limestone floor. On the other end, ammonia products can easily damage and dull natural types of stone.

A good maintenance course will help you avoid such damage by teaching you how to identify stone floor types. You can identify stone by using a variety of different methods with most relying on visual inspection. For example, is the flooring material one single structure or made up of panels or tiles? And, what kinds of colors do you see within the floor? Are there specs or veins running through the material or is it a solid stone? Answers to these types of questions help to pinpoint the material. 

In addition to identifying stone, you will learn about grout, what it is made of, and how it can be cleaned. Some courses will also go over how to repair and replace grout if there is a need during the cleaning process.

Equipment Use

Professional stone cleaning involves the use of different machines and tools. Rotary floor buffers, water jet cleaners, and industrial grinders are a few examples. You must learn to use each of these tools safely and appropriately. Not only is this necessary if you are interested in renting these devices, but it will help you to provide cleaning services without wearing, scraping, or etching stone surfaces.

In addition, you should find a school that provides information on resurfacing, as special machinery use required for this. This is also true of sealers and the types of sprayers, rollers, and other tools that are needed to add them to the floor. When it comes to sealers, you will need to know about the different types and also how long they last.

If you want to know more about professional stone cleaning and the processes involved, speak with a stone floor maintenance school such as Complete Stone Management.



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