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The Comfort of Clean

Minor Repair Work Could Mean The Time Is Right For Air Duct Cleaning Work

Irma Stewart

During the winter season, a furnace could run 24/7 to keep a home heated. The warm air that runs through the ducts adds both comfort and safety to the occupants. So, the costs of high heating bills become acceptable. Paying extra for maintenance, however, might not be something a homeowner wants to do. After spending money on recent property repair work, he or she might choose to put off preventive maintenance and cleaning work. After all, the furnace works. Why pay an HVAC contractor to clean anything? There are numerous reasons, and air quality ranks among the overlooked ones. If debris and dust were kicked up during a repair job, then cleaning out the ducts might be a good idea.

Leaks, Drywall, and Related Problems

Repair issues in the home sometimes compound one another. Imagine if there was a roof leak in the room that houses your furnace. Water pouring into the room could break through the ceiling and also ruin the drywall. After fixing the roof woes, attention turns to cutting out and replacing sections of the ceiling and the wall. The furnace, mercifully, looks like it wasn't affected. However, there may be problems affecting the heater due to all the dust and debris created by the repair job. 

Dirt, Dust, and Air Circulation

The impurities could find their way into the air from the ceiling and drywall repair work. Some of that dust and debris may end up inside the furnace. The debris could circulate with the air and collect in the ducts. Worse, all that dirt, dust, and debris might flow through the ducts and into the home. A decent duct cleaning could get rid of all that unwanted stuff. 

A Long Overdue Professional Cleaning

A recent water damage repair job might prompt concerns about the air ducts. However, the ducts may have needed a thorough cleaning regardless of the repair work. Newfound worries could inspire someone to take action, but homeowners should realize an "inciting incident" isn't necessary to request duct cleaning. If the ducts were never cleaned, maybe they should be right away.

A Chance to Check Things Out

Perhaps the time would be right to ask the HVAC maintenance pro to perform a complete furnace inspection. Maybe the furnace needs a new filter. An experienced eye could, hopefully, also tell if the roof leak caused any furnace damage. Such steps could occur when calling someone to perform duct cleaning


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