The Comfort of Clean

The Comfort of Clean

Tips To Keep Your Home Appearance Clean And Improved Looking

Irma Stewart

Cleaning your home interior can be an ongoing process, and is constantly getting dirty through use and natural weather conditions outside that you bring inside. Some areas of your home are easy to keep clean because you constantly use them and they are under your continual attention: others are not so obvious and need some special attention. Here are some cleaning tasks you can do to an obvious and not-so-obvious area to improve the condition of your home and its appearance.

Clean Your Windows

One of the most overlooked areas to keep clean of your home can be your windows and their frames. When you look out of your window, any dirt or fingerprints on the glass can affect your view to the outside, and can limit the amount of sunlight streaming in. And if you view your home from the outside, dirty window glass can make your home appear dull and dirty. Overtime, even hard water stains and spots from a windy rain storm can create a haze over the glass.

By cleaning your home's window glass regularly, you can renew the appearance of your glass and restore the sparkly clean shine of these eyes to your home. Clean windows can instantly make your home appear cleaner inside and out, but you need to handle the cleaning in the right manner so you don't cause streaking.

For the inside of your homes, use a window cleaner solution and paper towels or a dust free window cloth. Don't forget to vacuum out the inside the window tracks and clean them of any dirt and dead bugs that might accumulate.

For the outside, it is best to use a squeegee and warm soapy water to clean their surfaces. Be sure you use a cleaning cloth to wipe the edge of the squeegee clean after swiping off the dirt and water. This enables you to remove the large amounts of dirt that can accumulate from outside dust and storms. You can also hire a professional window washer service to tackle your windows outside and inside to keep them clean without your having to scale your home's exterior windows.

Vacuum Your Carpets

Your carpets are a more obvious area of your home that can quickly accumulate dirt and debris. The nature of carpeting causes it to collect fibers and dirt from your shoes, and it collects anything that falls from above. However, by completing regular vacuuming your carpets can be a cleaner surface, drastically improving the overall appearance in your home.

Be sure to vacuum all your carpets once or twice a week, as needed to pick up debris. Then, vacuum over heavy traffic areas more often to keep them cleared. This can include main hallways and walkways through your home and rooms that see a lot of regular use. You can also hire a professional cleaning service to keep your floors vacuumed without any effort on your part, so you can come home each day to well-cleaned floors with the tell-tale signs of vacuum marks.



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