The Comfort of Clean

The Comfort of Clean

Tips To Keep Your Home Clean, Orderly, And Smelling Its Best

Irma Stewart

Keeping your home clean does not need to take you hours every week to complete. In fact, there are small tasks you can do easily throughout the week to give your home an overall clean and orderly feeling and appearance. And you can hire a cleaning service to come in and do more deep cleaning tasks as they need them. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your home clean and smelling good.

Make Your Bed

One of the first things you can tackle each morning and also get you off to a good start with keeping your home clean is to make up your bed. This job only takes just a couple minutes, but can make your entire bedroom look and feel more in order and tidy. 

If you have a blanket or comforter along with your pillow, straighten the pillow and pull the blanket up over the pillow and smooth it evenly over all the edges of the bed. This is also a good way to prevent yourself from crawling back into bed if you have difficulty getting motivated in the morning.

Wash the Dishes

Anytime you leave dishes in your sink to do later, you are doing yourself a disservice. The reason for this is because the dishes look cluttered, can smell up your kitchen and home, and you are stealing away time from yourself in the future. If you have a dishwasher, rinse your dishes and put them into the washer. Don't fill up your sink when you can easily place them into the top or bottom rack. 

And if you don't have a dishwasher, take a few minutes after each meal to wash and dry your dishes, putting them away also. This prevents your dirty dishes from stacking up in your sink and making the washing chore much larger than it needs to be. If you work a full-time job, you can hire a cleaning service to come into your home to complete specific jobs, such as washing the dishes to get your home in better order.

Take Out the Trash

An easy task that only needs to take you a couple minutes each day but can clear the air inside your home of bad smells is to take out the trash on a daily basis. Collect the trash from your kitchen garbage, which can quickly fill with odor-causing debris, and combine it with any trash in other bins throughout your home. 

Then, don't leave the trash bag on your porch for a dog to tear open and make a bigger mess, but walk it to the outside trash can to get it away from your home. Leaving any type of clutter around or inside your home will make it appear much messier than it really is and can reduce your motivation to do other tasks.

Use these tasks to improve the cleanliness and odor in your home on your own, and consider hiring a maid cleaning service to complete specific cleaning jobs to more deeply clean your home and save you time on the weekends.


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