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The Comfort of Clean

Why Using a Domestic Staffing Agency Is Smart

Irma Stewart

Have you ever wondered how people hire maids or cleaners for their homes or businesses? Rather than working on their own as a freelancer, cleaning services will secure work through larger services called domestic staffing agencies. This is an agency that vets perspective household service employees and sends them out to work for certain people or families that the agency feels they are the right choice for. If you are looking to hire someone to regularly clean your home, you can read more to learn about this type of agency.

1. What does the agency do?

A domestic staffing agency is one that connects people looking for work in the domestic services setting with those who are looking for someone with their qualifications and expertise. The agency will look at their resume, interview them, and gather information on their special skills. These skills can include things like if they speak a second language or if they have experience working with special needs children. They then run background checks or credit checks, check their references, and gather information on all of the things they are capable of doing. The agency will look through their candidates and send you the one that they feel meets your criteria the most.

2. What types of jobs can a domestic staffing agency help fill?

A domestic staffing agency can help you to fill many positions with the array of people they have who are seeking a wide variety of positions in the domestic service industry. Some examples of the positions the staffing agency can help you to fill include housekeepers, nannies, baby nurses, off-hour childcare providers, chefs, butlers, drivers, personal assistants, caregivers, estate managers, butlers, gourmet cooks, companions, laundress, chauffeurs, property caregivers, yacht staff, private security, and more.

3. Why should you go with a domestic staffing agency?

Finding the right person to entrust with your family, home, and belongings can be hard to do. But you don't have to worry. When you turn to an agency to find someone for you, you know that they will have vetted the person they sent over to you. You can count on them coming prepared with the qualifications that are very important to you, your family, and your house. 

These are just a few things to keep in mind before you work with staffing agencies. To learn more about domestic staffing agencies, contact local companies such as Top Notch NYC.


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