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The Comfort of Clean

3 Key Places To Use Commercial Cleaning Services

Irma Stewart

Professional cleaning teams can tidy up a space and sanitize surfaces in a jiffy, creating a great impression for your clients, vendors, and anyone who steps foot in your office. However, many people use commercial cleaning services in the wrong areas of their business, minimizing the benefits. Here are three key places to use commercial cleaning services, and how they can help your company. 

1. Lobbies If your lobby is dirty, it could send the wrong impression to anyone who walks into your business. Guests awaiting their appointment should be able to rest, relax, and enjoy a soothing, serene environment, which is why you shouldn't trust the space to anyone other than a commercial cleaning company. 

Make sure professionals take care of vacuuming the space daily, emptying trashcans, and wiping down glass coffee tables and side tables. Floral arrangements and other decorations should be dusted and cleaned routinely, and televisions and windows in the area should have the glass polished frequently to maintain a crisp, glossy appearance. 

2. Bathrooms Never let the bathrooms of your business become anything other than immaculately clean. Have them deep cleaned daily, and spot check bathrooms during the day to screen for any problems like paper on the floor or overflowing trashcans. As much as possible, try to keep bathrooms smelling good for new guests. 

Talk with your commercial cleaning team about restocking hand soap, paper products, and sanitary products. If they don't provide the service, keep the supplies handy and ask if they can take care of the restocking aspect for you. 

3. Conference Rooms Deals are made in conference rooms, which is why you shouldn't think twice about keeping them immaculate. Conference rooms should be well dusted and polished every day, and should have the floors cleaned. There should always be coasters to use for drinks and clean trashcans, and any electronics equipment should be dusted thoroughly every day. 

When you work with a commercial cleaning company, ask them to carefully tidy the area every day, especially if the space is used frequently. If the space isn't used on a regular basis, have it deep cleaned weekly. 

When you are ready to start working with a commercial cleaning company, make sure to sit down with a representative to outline what you are looking for. Keep in touch with them to work through different aspects of your cleaning routine, and don't hesitate to talk with them about anything that you need moving forward. Remember that many cleaning companies offer supplemental services such as carpet cleaning to help. 

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