The Comfort of Clean

The Comfort of Clean

Home Cleaning Recommendations To Simplify The Process And Maximize The Results

Irma Stewart

The task of cleaning your home is a never-ending one: for as long as you live in the space, it will continue to need attention and maintenance. However, there are some specific tasks you can complete that provide you with a big result from your effort. Here are some home cleaning recommendations to keep your home in its cleanest and best condition as often as possible. 

Clean Your Carpets

When your home contains any amount of wall-to-wall carpeting, you know how much it can collect dirt and debris from regular everyday tasks. Dust, food particles, dead bugs, and other matter will fall into it and collect around the base of the carpeting fibers. And when these materials contain odor-causing elements, your home will begin to smell bad.

Vacuum your entire carpets at a minimum one to two times each week, with more regular cleanings each day on the areas that get a heavy amount of traffic. This can include doorways, hallways, and main pathways through rooms. Give immediate attention to any spills or pet spots. Use an absorbent rag to pull up as much of the stain as possible, then follow this up with a cleaning solution treatment. Apply it to the spot and follow the instructions on the cleaner to remove any potential for prolonged staining or odors.

Follow this DIY care with regular professional carpet cleaning. Your professional carpet cleaner will use a specific cleaning solution for any stains that you were unable to lift on your own, and they have a heavy-duty steam and water extractor in their system. This prevents any water or cleaning residues from remaining in the carpets, which can lead to mold and mildew growth and related odors. The carpet cleaning you use in your home should not lead to further bad odors but should lift out stains and odors leaving your carpets looking their best.

Tackle Your Home's Smell

Although cleaning your home's carpets regularly can help reduce unwanted smells in your home, you can also implement extra tasks to keep your home free of many other odors. First, make a point to take out the trash every day or as often as possible. Collect trash from all trash receptacles in your home and dispose of the bag into your outdoor trash can to remove it from your home. 

Next, keep up on your dirty laundry. Instead of leaving your laundry to do all on one single day, wash a load each day to keep it at a manageable accumulation and keep down the associated odors. You can run a load of laundry when you get up first thing in the morning and switch it to the dryer as you are getting ready for the day.

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