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The Comfort of Clean

Restore The Beauty Of Your Dirty And Stained Clay Tile Roof By Having It Professionally Cleaned

Irma Stewart

A clay roof is beautiful when it's brand new, and although a clay roof will last for many years, it can look old and ugly in just a short time when it's stained and dirty. Clay is the ideal material for growing mold, moss, fungus and algae because clay is so porous that it holds onto moisture and the tiles get warmed by the sun. Under the right conditions, your beautiful tile roof could develop ugly green or black stains. Fortunately, a clay roof can be cleaned and restored to its original beauty. Here's how.

Washing With Low Pressure

Clay tiles are durable, but they can't withstand the force of a pressure washer on a high setting. Instead, if your roof cleaner uses a pressure washer, it's on the low setting so leaves and other debris can be rinsed off, and the tiles can be made ready for the cleaning solutions. Washing a clay tile roof is a difficult DIY undertaking since walking on clay tiles is dangerous and you can easily crack tiles if you step on them the wrong way.

Plus, a pressure washer should be used by an experienced professional or you could actually damage your roof and need to have tiles repaired or replaced. The water is just used to rinse debris and surface dirt from the roof and not to blast off stains.

Using Clay Tile Cleaning Products

Your roof cleaner will choose the right type of chemical cleaner for your roof. Some don't even need to involve water, but your cleaning company may use a product that requires rinsing the roof first and then rinsing off the product later. The cleaner is usually diluted with water, so mixing it in the reservoir attachment on the pressure washer and then spraying the solution on the tiles is a good way to apply it.

The clay tile cleaner is sprayed evenly on the tiles and allowed to settle into the pores and break up dirt and stains. Even if rinsing isn't mandatory, your roof cleaner may want to rinse the roof after using the cleaner so the dirt and stains can be washed away.

Scraping Off Moss

Moss can sometimes be removed from a clay tile roof by scraping it off with a tool that won't scratch the tiles. Although labor-intensive, this might sometimes be necessary when moss has grown thick on portions of the roof. Some tough stains might even need to be scrubbed out with a soft brush and cleaning solution, but overall, most of the work is done with cleaning products carefully applied and soft pressure washing.

To learn more about roof cleaning, contact a roof cleaning service in your area.


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