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The Comfort of Clean

Run An Airbnb? You Need These Cleaning Tips

Irma Stewart

Anybody who runs an Airbnb or another service that provides housing for travelers and visitors will eventually realize that cleaning can take its toll. If you are trying to clean your house on your own every time somebody stays in it, you may benefit from these tips that keep your house sparkling for the next visitors.

Air Out Your Rooms

It is important that you always air out your rooms when people leave the home and you are expecting new guests. This fresh air coming in will rejuvenate the room and eliminate any smells left behind. Plus, people who arrive will appreciate the feel of a freshly aired out room.

Beware of Soap Scum

The shower and bathtub can provide a daunting place for anybody cleaning up for guests. Soap scum can really stick to the walls, so you may need to use a razor blade and a lot of cleaner to eliminate the debris that clings to the walls of your shower.

Clean Inside Appliances

Appliances can hide a lot of dirt and grime, so make sure you are dealing with them appropriately. Clear out crumbs and any other messes that might cause problems if a guest was to open up an oven or refrigerator.

Wash the Shower Curtain and Liner

You might not realize it, but shower curtains and liners can show a lot of dirt. People will feel better about the cleanliness of your home if they do not see any grime on the shower curtain. Most curtains can be thrown in the laundry. If yours can't, you might want to invest in one that you can toss in with laundry for the sake of ease.

Consider Changing the Bedding

Bedding plays an important role in the perceived cleanliness of the home you offer to your guests. You might choose to use white bedding simply because you can bleach it, making it easier to clean. Other types of bedding may be more difficult to clean. Plus, people often associate white bedding with cleanliness because they feel like they can see everything.

You Don't Have to Do It Alone

Finally, remember that you don't have to do all of this on your own. You can hire somebody to take care of cleaning for you. Cleaning services understand that you need to keep your house sparkling when you have a high turnover of visitors. Call a professional to help take care of this task for you.

To learn more about cleaning your home, contact a house cleaning service in your area.


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