The Comfort of Clean

The Comfort of Clean

Three Ways To Clean The Air In Your Home

Irma Stewart

Your home should be clean so it can feel relaxing and keep you safe. If you have a family member that struggles with allergies, you know how important the air quality can be. After being exposed to allergens all day outside, you can make your home a place where your body takes a break and recharges with clean air. Here are three easy ways you can improve the air quality in your home:

Air Duct Cleaning

Having air duct cleaning in your home can dramatically improve air quality. Your air ducts are used every day and help circulate the air you breathe. These systems can collect dust over time, and when that air is pushed through the ducts, it is spread. Dust in your home is made of dead skin cells, dirt particles, pet dander, fibers, and plant pollen. Having cleaning services come do air duct cleaning in your home can help ensure that the air that is circulating is clean. Replacing filters is a big maintenance task too. Doing this will help keep your HVAC system running more efficiently and prevent allergens from affecting your body.

Buy Houseplants 

Adding some houseplants to every room of the house can improve air quality dramatically. Plants are natural air filters because they create new oxygen for you. When you have a mini oxygen factory in a room of the house, the air will be cleaner and add to the overall air quality. Do some research and find plants that are easy to care for. Learn about their watering schedules and what kind of room they will do best in. Some may need more sunlight from windows or require less watering on a weekly basis. Taking care of a plant will help you take care of the air.

Get Rid of Harmful Scents

Did you know that air-freshening sprays and heavy chemical cleaners are polluting the air in your home? These chemicals can be hormone disruptors and cause a lot of issues for people that struggle with allergies. Associating these intense smells with things being clean can be far from the truth. Do some research on the ingredients in your common household products and try to buy things with cleaner ingredients. The fewer chemicals circulating, the better!

Start with a professional air duct cleaning job in your home to clear out years of dust buildup. Doing this by adding plants to create oxygen and getting rid of scented pollution in the home is a great way to clean the air.


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