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The Comfort of Clean

Where Are The Pet Odors Hiding, And How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

Irma Stewart

You've vacuumed. You've dusted. You've washed the laundry. And yet, the pet odors remain. Lingering pet odors can be quite the nuisance, but they are not impossible to get rid of. The secret lies in determining exactly where the odors are hiding so you can fight them effectively. Here is a look at some common areas where pet odors hide, along with some tips for addressing each source.

The Carpet

Carpet is probably the number one culprit when it comes to lingering pet odors. Your pets get their saliva on the carpet, lay on the carpet when they are less than clean, and track in dirt on their paws. Vacuuming will remove the evidence from the surface, but it does little to remove the oily and smelly residue from the carpet fibers. For that, you really need to have the carpet cleaned. You can hire a professional company to do this, or you can buy and use a carpet shampooing machine. If you choose to use a machine, make sure you use a shampoo made especially for homes with pets. Not only will this do a better job of removing odors, but it will be safer for your pets as they continue to lay on the carpet.

The Curtains

Do you have cloth curtains or drapes? Chances are, your pet enjoys rubbing against them. As they do so, they are passing their smelly oils and saliva onto the curtains. Most people do not launder their curtains often, if at all. If your curtains are machine washable, all you really need to do is remove them and give them a good wash. Add a cup of vinegar to the washing machine to help neutralize the pet odors. If the curtains can only be dry-cleaned, take them down and to a dry-cleaner. Just make sure the dry-cleaner knows you have pets so they can use pet-safe cleaners and extra odor removers.

The Walls

It sounds strange, but your walls may actually be harboring pet odors, too. Dogs especially tend to rub against the walls, passing on their oily hair residues in the process. You can just wipe the walls down with a good all-purpose cleaner to remove this residue and its resulting odors. Do this every couple of months to keep odors at bay.

You do not have to put up with pet odors to live with pets. Follow the tips above for a better-smelling home, and reach out to a pet odor removal service to learn more.


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