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The Comfort of Clean

Batting With Sick Kids All Year Round: Better Cleaning, Air Quality, And Flooring Could Be Key

Irma Stewart

There are a lot of ways kids pass germs around when you have a busy family, and if you are having a hard time fighting germs and the kids in your house get sick often, it may be time to make some changes. There could be a lot of things in your house you don't realize are contributing to people getting sick. Invest in these services and changes.

Professional House Cleaning

Cleaning your own house can be time-consuming and you may not be doing the best job. Get a professional house cleaner to come to your house bi-weekly or at least once a month.

This way you know that all the handles, doorknobs, and bathrooms are being cleaned as needed. This is best for sanitation and hygiene, and it helps you be sure that you are cleaning cold and flu germs as needed. Inquire about pricing, and you can have them do other areas when and if needed.

Duct and Filter Cleaning

Air ventilation and quality can trigger upper respiratory problems and health concerns, like asthma. If you have dry air in the home and it's leaving the throat dry, this can make you more susceptible to germs and bacteria. If you have dirty air or mold and mildew concerns, this can lead to sinus infections or other health complications.

Talk with a company that can change the filters in your heating and cooling appliances and clean out the ducts and vents. This improves the air quality a great deal and can remove mold spores or other problems in the house from the ducts.

Carpet Replacement

Carpeting can absorb liquids, bacteria and be a house for germs. If your carpeting is old and people have worn their shoes on the carpet, it may be time to replace the carpeting. Not just the carpeting, but also the padding that is underneath. When you pull up the carpet and base, see fi the wood needs to be treated with a mold and mildew killer.

You don't want to battle sickness all throughout the year. Instead, look at what is going on with your home, and how the air quality, flooring, and cleanliness is, and start from there. You can't always stay on top of all these things on your own, and you may need to start having house cleaning contractors come in so you can keep the house as clean as it needs to be.


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