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4 Tips For Water Damage Restoration After A Fire

Irma Stewart

When a house fire breaks out, your home is subject to a variety of different types of damage. Not only do you have to contend with damage from the fire's heat, flames, and smoke, but you have to address the water damage from the sprinklers or fire hoses. Here are a few tips to follow for water damage restoration after a fire. 

1. Avoid Accessing the Property Until You Know It's Safe

It's tempting to enter your home as soon as you can to try to minimize the damage from the fire or to see if any of your personal belongings are salvageable. However, before you enter your home, you need to confirm that it's safe to do so. 

After a fire that requires water to put out, it's common for the property to have some type of structural damage that makes it unsafe to enter. Have a professional access the damage to determine if you can safely enter the property, and if so, how you might do so. 

2. Stay Away from Electrical Items

Once it's safe to enter your home, avoid touching any electrical items, such as your appliances or electronics. Water-damaged electronics are able to conduct electricity more easily and pose a greater risk of electrical shock. Even if the appliances are unplugged, they can still store electricity that can shock you. It's best to let a professional handle the moving and transportation of these items. 

3. Promptly Remove Your Personal Belongings

You can and should remove items of sentimental value or items that your family frequently uses (like clothing, work supplies, toys, and personal care items) as soon as you may reenter your home. The longer you leave these items in your home, the higher the likelihood that they'll incur damage from standing water, leftover ash, or exposure to the elements. 

A water damage restoration team may also appreciate you removing as many undamaged things as possible so that they can work on restoring and cleaning your home and its larger components. If you aren't sure as to whether or not an item can be saved, ask a water damage restoration specialist for their guidance.

4. Let Your Water Restoration Team Know Your Priorities

Depending on the size of your home and the amount of water damage, you may have to pick and choose which items your water restoration team salvages. Let your specialist know which items are of the utmost importance to you.

If you're fine with replacing your carpets but want to save your custom draperies, let your water damage specialist know. They'll offer their recommendations and help you formulate a plan for your home. Contact a water damage restoration service for more information. 


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