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Six Important Things To Do When You're Scheduling Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

Irma Stewart

It's important to schedule commercial janitorial cleaning services carefully at your business facilities. There are numerous things you'll want to do to make an optimal cleaning schedule for your company. 

The following are six important things to do when you're scheduling these services. 

Schedule the service well in advance

It's important to plan ahead to avoid scheduling conflicts. Planning ahead could also help you save money on cleaning services. Some cleaning services will charge less for cleaning appointments that are scheduled well in advance than they do for cleanings that are scheduled last minute. 

Consult with your staff regarding scheduling

Cleaning your commercial facilities is going to impact your staff members. If you don't consult with your staff about cleanings, scheduled cleanings could interfere with your staff members' job duties and thereby reduce the productivity of your company.

It's best to consult with staff members about when you should schedule cleanings at your commercial facilities. Your staff members can help you determine a time when cleanings will interfere as little as possible with business operations. 

Notify staff members of the upcoming cleaning of your facility

Once you have determined when to schedule janitorial services at your company facilities, make sure everyone working for you knows about upcoming cleaning appointments. You can even post the cleaning schedule somewhere at your facility to make sure everyone at your company is aware. 

Plan around your business operations whenever possible

If possible, it's best to schedule commercial facility cleanings outside of business hours. While not interfering with your staff members' work is important, it's even more important to avoid having cleaning appointments that interfere with the needs of your customers.

Put thought into when you can schedule cleanings so that your customers will not be impacted by them and so that you don't miss out on any business opportunities.

Make sure you're scheduling cleanings often enough

Keeping commercial facilities adequately clean is essential for keeping your business facilities in good shape. Clean facilities are also important for keeping your customers satisfied and happy with your company so that they come back for repeat business.

That's why it's essential to consider cleaning frequency and to determine if your company might benefit from scheduling more frequent commercial cleanings. 

Communicate with your cleaning service during scheduled cleanings

It's best to be available during cleanings so that you can answer any questions your commercial cleaning service has. Your cleaning service might have questions about your preferences or needs during cleanings. Being unable to answer any questions right away might detract from the productivity of your cleaning appointments. 

Contact a commercial janitorial cleaning service for more information. 


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