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The Comfort of Clean

Important Areas That Cannot Be Overlooked When Office Cleaning

Irma Stewart

Are you an office manager? If so, you likely want the office to be as clean as possible. Paying attention to hygiene can aid in reducing employee absences due to illnesses. It can also preserve sensitive equipment by extending its lifespan. Some pathogens and mold can lurk in offices that might appear clean on the surface. Some of your employees might not have concerns about cleaning up thoroughly behind themselves. They might also only throw away their trash and not practice disinfecting techniques. Furthermore, depending on your office employees to clean up can interfere with productivity. The following points identify a few key areas you might be missing the mark on if you do not have hired professionals for office cleaning.

Reception Area

You likely have visitors that come to your building. The reception area is the first area that they enter. They will likely touch several items while waiting to be seen. It is possible for reception areas to harbor a variety of germs. You may have in-house protocols in place such as hand sanitizing, but outsiders might not yield to the same principles even if supplies are readily available. Common contaminated areas in reception areas are water fountains, coffee pots and dispensers, door handles, check-in materials, counters, and tables. 


This area is prone to spills, food crumbs, and more. Some employees may even put their leftover food containers in refrigerators and never retrieve them. This can lead to the growth of mold. Microwave splatters might also remain uncleaned if you depend on your employees to do the cleaning. Some of them might have the attitude that they should not have to clean it if they did not make the mess. Germs can lurk on the surfaces of items in break rooms because it is an area that is frequented by most employees. The more people who touch vending machines, microwaves, tables, chairs, and refrigerators, the more disinfecting you will need to have done to reduce germs.

Office Equipment and Cubicles

If your office environment allows shared cubicles, it can mean more germs in contained cubicles. Shared equipment like computer mice, office phones, printers, and computers all represent items that could trap communicable diseases. The desks where these office items are located can also harbor germs.

An office cleaning company is a good resource to use to learn more about outsourcing janitorial duties. They can create a custom cleaning plan for your office setting based on your needs and preferences. These professionals will also know which products to use to safely clean your office without causing damages.

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