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4 Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods Preferred By Professionals

Irma Stewart

Looking at your carpet, you wouldn't believe it could be holding more than 200,000 bacteria per square inch, right? However, although these items often seem clean and safe, most of the time, they are not. The reason is carpets contain allergens, pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, dead insects, and many more. That is why experts recommend professional cleaning at least once every two months for health reasons and optimum comfort. Some of the techniques expert cleaners use to ensure your home's carpeting is spotless, odorless, and free from allergens and unwanted debris are outlined below.

1.       Carpet Shampooing

Professional carpet cleaning companies often use the shampooing technique when handling demanding projects. They do that because carpet shampooing kills mold, mildew, and other contaminants more effectively, thereby preventing spreading and its consequences. This cleaning method also eradicates air pollution residues present in the carpet and helps you enjoy quality indoor air. Besides, if you have a priceless piece with a warranty that requires it to be shampooed periodically, hiring a cleaning service provider with extensive knowledge in carpet shampooing will ensure it remains intact.

2.       Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the best carpet deep-cleaning techniques. Although the name suggests the use of steam in cleaning carpets, expert cleaners that opt for this method get rid of grime and dirt using a combination of water and cleaning chemicals. Typically, the process involves spraying carpet cleaning detergent mixed with hot water using a carpet extractor, otherwise known as a steam cleaner. Then, cleaners remove the dirty water from the carpet with a wet vac. Steam carpet cleaning is a popular solution because the combination of chemicals and hot water is highly effective in eradicating dirt, allergens, and other debris, hidden deep beneath the surface.

3.       Dry Carpet Cleaning

Technological advancements now allow professional cleaners to utilize unique machines that incorporate very low or no moisture in carpet cleaning, a method known as dry carpet cleaning. The technique is incredibly effective in handling deep-cleaning tasks. It supplements its power with compound cleaning agents designed to break down dirt and pretreat carpet fibers before a cleaning machine does its job. Generally, with this method, experts sprinkle slightly-moistened cleaning powder over a carpet, brush the granules into the carpet pile using a special machine, and, finally, vacuum them away when they are done absorbing dirt and deodorizing the floor.   

4.       Encapsulation

As the name suggests, encapsulation is a carpet cleaning method involving confining dirt particles in a suitable cleaning agent and getting rid of the dried crystals with a vacuum cleaner. This technique is ideal for any homeowner that prefers faster drying since it doesn't involve soaking the carpet. Plus, since encapsulation helps you avoid treating your carpet with cleaning agents and water, problems like wicking become non-existent.

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