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Water Damage Is Serious If Your Carpets Are Affected: Here's Why

Irma Stewart

When you get water damage on your carpets, it can do much more damage to your floors than just leaving your carpets wet. You need to call a water damage restoration company if your carpets are saturated with more than just a tiny amount of water or if the water is standing. If the water also spreads to most of your carpets, you need to have water damage restoration taken care of in this instance as well.

Even if you soak up most of the water and open all your windows, water damage in the home is serious when it's in your flooring. Here's why.

Your carpets become prime mold growers

Mold is not a picky house guest, but it does love moisture, warm places to thrive, and the darkness. Your carpets, recently wet from a flood or other water damage, provide exactly what mold needs to thrive. If you want to keep mold out of your home, then have your carpets professionally restored as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more the mold has a chance to grow.

Your carpets can cause damage to floors

If your carpets are wet and remain damp, they will start to damage the floors underneath them. Sub floors may get damaged and start to rot or swell, which can cause your flooring to sag. Any foam padding underneath your carpets can get full of mold and mildew as well and start to stink the longer the carpets go untreated. A water damage restoration company can make your carpets clean again and if not, can remove the carpets and treat the water damage that remains after.

Your carpets can get destroyed

Failure to treat carpets that have been water damaged can result in the loss of the carpets entirely. If your carpets are newer or in good condition besides the water damage, then they need to be treated so they can get back to their original condition as soon as possible. The longer you wait to treat your carpets, the more likely they may be to be permanently damaged.

A water damage restoration specialist will help you determine the best treatment for your floors to restore them after they get wet. Costs for the service vary depending on how much damage your carpets have to them and what type of water they were damaged with, among other things. A water damage restoration specialist will give you their quote for services. 

For more info, contact a restoration company like All Things Restored LLC.


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