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The Comfort of Clean

4 Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

Irma Stewart

Most business owners don't want to hire commercial cleaning services. Instead, they would rather have their employees take up the cleaning duties. 

Having your employees take up cleaning duties may help you save money on labor. However, hiring a commercial cleaning service benefits you and your business more. 

Here are four benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services. 

1. Save Money

The cost of having your employees conduct janitorial duties outweighs the cost of hiring a commercial cleaning service. 

For instance, you must buy cleaning products and equipment for your employees. Furthermore, you also incur the costs of servicing and maintaining the cleaning equipment. Hence, you may spend thousands of dollars yearly on the above costs. 

But if you hire a commercial cleaning service, you don't have to buy any products or equipment. The cleaning contractors have their own. Hence, hiring a commercial cleaning company is more affordable because you don't incur the costs of materials. 

2. Maintain OSHA and Health Department Standards

The Health Department and OSHA enforce hygiene and cleanliness standards on commercial properties. Thus, failing to maintain the set standards may force the health department to shut down your business. 

Commercial cleaning companies know the standards required by OSHA and the Health Department. Hence, they are in a position to ensure they meet those standards whenever they clean your office or business premises. 

3. Protect Your Premises from Degradation

Neglected business premises often degrade much faster due to a lack of cleaning. For instance:

  • Carpets may deteriorate much faster due to staining
  • Toilets and sinks can start to stain 
  • Molds may develop on your premises

Though the above examples may seem like minor issues, they are only the initial signs of the degradation of a premise. Thus, as time passes, the office or premises degrades rapidly, causing your business to lose curb appeal. If your office or premise loses curb appeal, potential customers and clients may shy away from you. 

But, scheduling regular commercial cleaning services can prevent the rapid deterioration of your premises. Hiring a commercial cleaning company ensures your premise maintains its curb appeal. Thus, the premises are attractive to potential customers and clients. 

4. Avoid Disease and Infection Outbreaks

Office desks host about 400 times as many germs and bacteria as the toilet seat. Thus, failing to clean and disinfect office desks regularly can lead to an outbreak. Furthermore, an outbreak affects not only your employees but also your clients and customers who visit the office. 

Thus, it would help to hire a commercial cleaning service to thoroughly clean and disinfect your premises. Cleaning companies use the best disinfectants to kill all the germs and bacteria. Hence, hiring a commercial cleaning company can help you avoid workplace infection outbreaks. 


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