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How To Keep Your Family Safe From This Surprisingly Common Toxic Gas

Irma Stewart

When it comes to threats to your family, most people are more commonly aware of issues like theft, fraud, bullying, and even natural problems like sunburn. While those are all serious in their own right and you should be on the lookout for them, what you may not realize is that radon gas is also a serious concern that can threaten the health of your family over many years. If you have not had a radon home inspection since you moved into your home, then you need to ensure that you do that right away or you could be potentially putting their health at risk.  

What Is Radon Gas?

Uranium is a natural element that, while dangerous in some settings, is mostly harmless when it is deep below the earth, and it is present in much of the crust of the entire globe. However, as it decays, it can create certain byproducts, and one of those byproducts is radon gas. Radon gas has no color, smell, or noticeable taste to the human palette which means that it is, for all intents and purposes, invisible. The unfortunate aspect is that it is very dangerous and can cause medical conditions such as cancer if you are exposed to it for long enough.

What To Do About It?

The good news is that while radon gas may be invisible to human senses, it is not completely invisible to scientific equipment. That is why it is suggested that all homes get a radon inspection at some point, as without this helpful tool you really have no idea if your home is affected by this poisonous gas or not. Your first indication that your home may be affected by radon could be serious medical problems or perhaps even your neighbors developing said conditions. Do not wait until then to get the information you need when it comes to radon. 

What Do I Do If My Home Does Have Radon Poisoning?

If the earth beneath your home does emit radon gas then you do not have to move. There are many solutions to this issue, but perhaps the most common is simply installing a fan underneath your home in the crawlspace that takes all the air up through a pipe into the air above your house. This prevents the radon gas from sitting and staying around in your home and also stops it from ever reaching the living areas of your house, to begin with. As long as you use radon home testing to find out if you have this issue, you can find many ways to address it, so do not stress too much, help is on the way. 

Contact radon home inspection services to learn more. 


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