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The Comfort of Clean

Does Your Home Have an Older Roof? 3 Benefits of Choosing a Softwash Roof Cleaning

Irma Stewart

Washing a roof can help to extend its life span by removing dirt, debris, and mold growth that can break down the materials that are used for the tiles or shingles. You'll also notice that your home has better curb appeal without unsightly stains and dirt building up on the surface of the roof. While clearing off the debris comes with many benefits, homeowners also need to know that using the wrong technique can do more harm than good. Choosing to do a softwash roof cleaning offers these benefits for preserving your home's most protective surface:

Avoid Loosening Older Shingles

Regular roof inspections help to identify loose shingles that need to be reinforced or replaced. But, you can also do your part to keep the shingles from coming loose in the first place. High-pressure spraying can cause the water to get beneath the shingles with a high rate of force that lifts them up. Similar to the type of damage that you might see after a severe thunderstorm, poor roof-washing techniques can lead to loose and missing shingles that compromise the roof's integrity. A gentle spray seeps around the shingles rather than pushing upwards from beneath. The slower soaking method helps to further soften built-up grime so that it simply rinses away.

Keep Asphalt Shingle Granules In Place

Those tiny granules that you see on asphalt shingles play a critical role in helping them to stay waterproof. Asphalt shingle granules help the water to bead off before it makes it to the sublayer materials. Using a brush and cleaner to remove debris from the roof can cause the granules to break free from the shingles. The same is also true if you use a high-pressure hose. Soft wash roof cleaning methods involve using a sprayer that has only slightly more pressure than a typical garden hose. The combination of the gentle spray and special cleaning solutions helps to remove debris while leaving the granules in place.

Protect the Other Roofing Materials

Using high-pressure washing methods can sometimes cause more problems than it's worth. High-pressure sprays can loosen the flashing around chimneys and the eaves of a roof, which can lead to water leaks. If the pressure is high enough, then it could also cause damage to any brickwork that exists around the roof. The spray could crack the bricks themselves or cause the grout to break apart. A similar effect can also happen with delicate woodwork and other materials that are used along the soffit and fascia. Choosing softwash roof washing reduces the risk of damage so that you can relax and know that the surrounding surfaces will still be intact when you admire your newly cleaned roof.


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