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The Comfort of Clean

Creating An Effective Cleaning Plan For Your Business's Janitorial Service

Irma Stewart

A spotless and organized work area is critical to maximizing productivity and overall success, but small businesses can struggle to meet this basic requirement. A well-thought-out cleaning plan can improve your establishment's appearance and ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers. To meet this need, business leaders may hire a professional janitorial service. However, they may not know the best practices for getting optimal results from these services.

Identifying Areas and Items for Thorough Cleaning

The first step in creating an effective cleaning plan is identifying all areas and items within your business that require regular attention. Begin by conducting a thorough walkthrough of your facility and note any surfaces or spaces that may accumulate dirt. In addition to public-facing spaces, you should include break rooms, storage areas, and other operationally important rooms.

Once you have compiled a comprehensive list of areas and items, prioritize them based on the frequency of cleaning needed. High-traffic areas or frequently touched surfaces may require daily attention, but less frequented spaces may only need weekly or monthly cleaning. Establishing a detailed schedule for each area will help ensure that nothing is overlooked and that the janitorial service can be as efficient as possible.

Review Any Necessary Seasonal Cleaning Tasks

In addition to routine cleaning tasks, there may be seasonal responsibilities that may arise throughout the year. For example, during the autumn months, your cleaning plan should account for leaf removal from entryways, parking lots, and other outdoor spaces. Similarly, including snow clearing and de-icing efforts during the winter months is also advisable.

By proactively addressing these seasonal tasks in your cleaning plan, you can reduce the risk of accidents or injuries on your property while maintaining a professional appearance for your business. Be sure to communicate these seasonal responsibilities to your cleaning staff or service provider well in advance to ensure proper preparation and execution.

Manage The Cleaning Of Specialized Equipment And Machinery

Businesses that rely on specialized equipment or machinery must include specific guidelines for their cleaning and maintenance within their overall cleaning plan. This may involve researching and adhering to manufacturer recommendations and training cleaning staff on the proper techniques and safety precautions.

Janitorial services are generally unsuited for extensive maintenance or deep cleaning of specialized equipment. However, they can help you meet the basic cleaning needs of these systems. For example, you may be able to provide general dusting or light cleaning needs that can help to keep the equipment free of dust and other potentially harmful accumulations. 

For more info about janitorial services, contact a local company. 


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