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Have A Huge House With Dirty Floors? Find A Home Cleaning Professional Team Today

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If you have a house that has many stories and a lot of square footage, it's important to maintain the floors properly so the house can withhold its value. If you have a variety of household flooring surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, concrete, and more, have a professional cleaning team come in to do the work for you.

A home floor cleaning team can come and do the job efficiently. Here are some of the things to talk with the cleaning company about before you pick a company to do the work.

Ask What Cleaning Products are Used

A large variety of commercial cleaning products are not only dangerous for the environment but also to the health of those inside your commercial space. Talk with the cleaning company to make sure that they are using safe cleaning products that will kill bacteria but are non-toxic and safe for the ecological system. Depending on the type of floor, you may need a specialized cleaner.

Breakdown the Costs

Comb through the expenses on the quote you get from cleaning companies. Items you should see include:

  • Labor wages
  • Product costs
  • Specialized cleaning expenses

The breakdown should show you how much is included in each cleaning, and what the cost is. If you need quarterly, bi-annual, or once-a-year deep cleaning work done on top of your regular cleaning, ask for these details as well.

Inquire About the Hiring Process

Chances are there will be multiple cleaning professionals working inside your home at one time. This allows the work to get done more quickly. Talk with the manager of the business about what background checks and information are gathered on their employees, so you know what type of people will be working inside your home during the cleaning process.

Some other important questions to ask are about references and past work completed. You should easily be able to contact any reference of other homeowners that have had their floors cleaned by the companies you are getting quotes from. You may also be able to get more information from the social media pages of the businesses.

Inquire about the insurance policy in place for employees, to make sure that each home floor company you are considering has its own liability insurance plan to protect their staff. This way you aren't responsible for all of the costs that could go into an accident that happens while cleaning your home.  

For more information about home floor cleaning, contact a local company. 


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